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History of Deadhead Logging

Deadhead logs are logs that have been submerged in water. These trees were cut during the late early 1700's to 1800s. Many of these logs were ax fallen from virgin forests during the from 1700's to 1930. They were 150 to 1500 years old at the time of harvest. After the logs were fallen they were then hitched to oxen and taken to the rivers for transport to the nearest riverside sawmill. As the logs were floated down the river, many became waterlogged or were caught in a log jam and sank due to these circumstances. Since the day the log sank, our product has been aging in the river bottoms completely preserved. The minerals in the water in which the log rest, plays a part in the color of the finished lumber.

Retrieving Deadhead Logs

Deadhead logs are retrieved by divers. Upon locating a log and flagging it, the divers then hooks cables to the log and winches or airbags are used to pull the logs to the surface. The logs are then secured to the sides of the vessel and pulled to shore by a pontoon boat.

Drying Process

Today's state-of-the-art equipment and dry kilns, enable us to meet our clients' custom specifications while facilitating our commitment to the purity, elegance and function of this precious commodity.

After your order is received, Every step, from procurement to production, is equally important and carefully monitored.


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